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The Butterfly Project

Let's not allow another family Cry!

The Butterfly Project was formed to create community awareness, and to influence government policy, calling for greater safety steps to be taken to protect children playing in areas that might be hazardous. The project also serves to educate parents and children, on how to play safely and recognize unsafe areas.

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Meet Our Family

A Message to You

The Nwabuoku's Hail from Oshimili north, Delta State in Nigeria. We are a family of 3: Nkechi, Christopher and Emmanuel Nwabuoku born to Mr. Benson and the late Mrs. Felicia Nwabuoku. Nkechi is the only girl in the family, she is married to Awodigede Seye, Christopher is married to Lilian and Emmanuel is married to Esther Nwabuoku.

I will like to say a very big thank you to everyone all
over the world who have in one way or the other
assisted in and supported in the helping the family
recover from the trauma. May the great comforter
comfort as many that are passing through similar
situation and pray never to experience such again.


Before the July 26th tragedy, we use to be 7 kids in
total: 4 kids from Lilian Nwabuoku and 3 kids from Esther Nwabuoku. From Ifunanya Esther:

A Message to Mitchell Nwabuoku

Day-to-day alters speech, and night-to-night shows knowledge... July 24th to 26th 2022 spoke darkness into my daylight. 

My dearest daughter whom we so much cherish left without saying goodbye.
The pain remains as our hearts are shattered without us seeing it coming.

Day after day and night after night, the thought of having you amidst us lingers, but we believe you are in a better place.


I pray that God almighty will bless everyone who has been praying, supporting and concerned about us. Without you today, the event wouldn't have been a success.

Thank you

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